The project
Pacific Photobooks is a photographic project that brings together photographic artists and young people (aged 15-25) of Pacific Islander heritage to explore ideas around photography, storytelling and self-publishing.

Free workshops are being offered in Melbourne and Sydney, enabling participants to create photobooks for exhibition at the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, Melbourne and Information Cultural Exchange in Sydney.

Who are we?
The project is devised and managed by Dr Torika Bolatagici, who lectures in the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University. Her interdisciplinary practice investigates the relationships between visual culture, human ecologies and contemporary Pacific identities. Torika works across a range of media, including photography, video and mixed-media installation and her work has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico, Aotearoa New Zealand, Indonesia and Australia. 

The artists that have been engaged to facilitate workshops for the Pacific Photobook project are all current tertiary educators working at Deakin University, RMIT Tafe and the Photographic Studies College. All facilitators have a minimum of Masters qualifications and two are currently doctoral candidates. Our instructors include Salote Tawale, Michelle Lackenby, Daniel Boetker-Smith, Kirsten Lyttle and Torika Bolatagici. Our commumity liaison staff are Thelma Thomas-Lesianawai (Sydney) and Rita Seumanutafa (Melbourne).

Who are our partners?

> > Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive < < 
The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive (APPA), a not-for-profit open-access physical archive of self-published and independent photobooks. The APPA is a response to the boom in photographic self-publishing globally and is established to provide a ‘real’ way to see photobooks that would otherwise only be viewable online. The APPA is a response to the European and American focus of most international discourses around photography and photobooks. The APPA is committed to promoting the production and dissemination of photobooks in the region. The APPA is acutely aware of the wealth of photographic talent in the region and hopes to become a vehicle for the promotion and showcase of the material in the archive through dedicated exhibitions, publications, collaborations, symposia, and guest lectures throughout the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. 
More info: http: www.photobookarchive.com

> > Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival < < 
Through its diverse program, CPAF shares the unique stories and art of Pacific diaspora communities in Melbourne, and Australia more broadly. The festival currently partners with Footscray Community Arts Centre as a Company in Residency to build on the strengths of the inaugural April 2013 edition, and develop a sustainable and innovative annual festival that serves as a platform for contemporary artists of Pacific heritage.

The Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival program consists of exhibitions, workshops, and performances spanning art, design, film, dance, spoken word and literature - alongside the CPAF Symposium, and the CPAF Community Day. CPAF's passionate team are committed to engaging artists at all levels of practice from across the region, providing access points for Pacific and wider Australian communities to engage with contemporary Pacific arts practice.
More info: www.cpaf.com.au

Why photobooks?
Photobooks and self-publishing is in the middle of a resurgence. Chief Curator of Photogrpahy at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, recently stated in the Wall Street Journal that “[p]hotography is no longer about the wall. The book form is basic to photography.” Erik Kessles of the Photobook Museum Advisory Board adds that “[n]owadays Photobooks are a great democratic medium for photographers to express themselves. Everyone can make them and create their own podium.” The establishment of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive in Fitzroy is a response to this cultural movement and provides the perfect partnership for this project.

Project outcomes...
The project outcomes will be presented as a satellite event to the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival in April 2015 at the Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Sydney launch - Saturday 21 March 2015
Melbourne launch - Friday 10 April 2015